New Zealand HOLIDAYS

John Dwyer – CEO

Please see here a short 4 min video where our CEO, John Dwyer, explains “WHY” our travel partner, Redeem Vacations, HAD to change the Holiday Incentive from “4 nights” to “3 nights”.

When the Holiday Incentive originally launched (pre-COVID), it was actually 3 Nights.

Indeed, in the USA, the vacation offer to businesses has ALWAYS been “3 Nights”, even through the peak of COVID.

During COVID, the demand for travel was understandably reduced – so we were able to convince our travel partner (Redeem Vacations) to make the offer more attractive here in Australia & NZ.

They agreed & therefore an extra night’s accommodation was added in Australia & NZ throughout COVID…….meaning the offer became 4 nights.

However, “post COVID” demand for hotel accommodation is very high……stands to reason, given everyone has been cooped up at home.

And due to this increased demand for hotel rooms as the world comes out of the COVID 19 restrictions, it has become rare that hotels have 4 consecutive nights of UNSOLD rooms available…… in the quantities we require. 

There’s just no way the 4 Night Deal could continue – as most hotels will rarely have 4 consecutive nights of sufficient UNSOLD hotel rooms to offer.

(Keep in mind that this whole program is based on us having access to “UNSOLD rooms”)

Therefore, 3 consecutive nights’ accommodation is more realistic in these “post COVID times”…….in fact, it’s THE ONLY option.


We’ve now made the promotion EVEN BETTER – for both YOU & YOUR CUSTOMERS.

As a result of our USA travel supplier needing to change to “3 Nights”, we’ve been able to negotiate another FREE HOLIDAY for your clients.

So we’ll give your client an additional “3 Night Holiday” they can use the following year…… other words, they’ll get TWO FREE HOLIDAYS, NOT ONE.

That means a FREE 3 Night Holiday each year for 2 years.

They’ll be notified of this “nice surprise” when they go online & choose their location.

This effectively means they are now getting 6 nights hotel accommodation rather than 4 nights……so they are way ahead!

You can see HOW we’ve showcased this BONUS to your clients if you visit

(We’ve simply explained the “post-COVID” situation in terms of hotel room availability & highlighted that they are now eligible to enjoy 2 Holidays instead of just one!)

And 25% MORE Holiday Vouchers For Your Business!

And because we’ve needed to revert to the “3 Night Offer”, we’ll bonus your business with another 25% extra vouchers of your original order.

So for example, if you originally got 100 Vacation Vouchers (even if you only paid for 50), we’ll be giving you an additional 25 Vacation Vouchers.

(The great thing is that we’re BONUSING you on the total number of Vouchers you originally got – NOT just the qty you actually PAID for)

Trust this helps you appreciate WHY the Holidays needed to be changed to “4 Days/3 Nights” – given the “post-COVID travel boom”, there was simply no other choice.

But we trust you can see that we’ve gone out of our way to actually IMPROVE the incentive for your clients, by giving them “2 Free Holidays” now – meaning 6 nights of complimentary accommodation instead of their original 4 nights.

And likewise, we’ve BONUSED-UP your business with 25% extra Holidays to give away.

Our “replacement Vacation Vouchers & NEW 25% extra Vouchers” will invite your customers to visit to choose their holiday destination.

This website understandably refers to the complimentary 4 Days/3 Nights Holiday.

Recipients of THESE Vacation Vouchers receive the one free holiday of course…….the holiday being 4 Days/3 Nights.

Here’s to a successful 2021 & beyond!

The Fun Escapes Team