Booking Fees Are Variable Across Destinations

All hotel bookings are done through an online travel agency, the likes of Expedia & – & these online reservation engines normally charge hotels 15% to 20% of the room tariff as their fee.
Therefore, nightly Booking Fees are variable & depend on the hotel’s location.
Nightly booking fees are mostly in the AUD$40+ or AUD$50+ range.
Because the rooms provided in this program are UNSOLD rooms and therefore the hotel is not receiving the regular tariff, an arrangement has been negotiated with the reservation engine.
The arrangement is that the booking engine has looked at each location’s average hotel room rate for the last 6 months, and then provided a fixed nightly booking fee.
This booking fee understandably varies from location to location because some hotel room charges are higher than others – and is subject to change.


Excerpts From Our Terms & Conditions Page

  • 13. Booking & Service Fees Apply:

    Booking & Service fees apply with this accommodation offer.

  • These fees are based on a few factors – examples include but are not limited to:

    • Remuneration to a 3rd party booking engine
    • Travel agency fees
    • Housekeeping/room cleaning room fees
    • Allowance for replacement of damaged or stolen room amenities.

    Note: The “booking fees” are subject to change, due to booking engines like Expedia and Wotif periodically adjusting their fees for administering registrations. Understandably, the hotels have no control over the fees that third-party booking engines charge.

  • 15. Conditions Subject To Change:

    Redeem Vacations & it’s Travel Incentive Partner reserves the right to change, modify or amend any of these terms & conditions without prior notice.