Create the Business Unique 3 Letter Code

When a new customer comes into the system we have to start off by creating a unique code for that business. We should try and make it have some reference to the business’s name if possible. For example “South West Plumbing” could be “SWP”. OR First Electrical could the “FIR”

The Google sheet will give you an error if you have selected a Code that is already take. 

This information is added to this Google Sheet –

Create the Business Digital Voucher Folders

When a new customer comes into the system we have to create a new folder for them in the Digital Vouchers folder on Google Drive. 

First you need a new folder with the same 3 letter code we create in step 1. 

Then double click on the new folder that you have created to open it. 

Once inside this new folder you will need to create two new folders called “USED” & “PRINT-READY FILES”

Next we need to copy the folder IDs and past them into the “Business List” Google Sheet now. 

The Main folder ID is placed in column R and the USED folder ID is placed in column S

We need a share link created for the Main folder that allows the Businesses to edit what is in the folder. 

And then place link in Column P.

We also need a view link for the “PRINT-READY FILES” folder. 

And then paste this link in Column X.

Create the Business's Google Sheet

When a new customer comes into the system we have to create their Google Sheet. 

Go to the Client folder in Google Drive –

To create the Google Sheet you must copy the “Template” file. 

And then open the copied file and rename it with the customers unique code.

Next we need to add add rows to the sheet and data protection.

Scroll to the bottom and then add 9000 more rows. 

Next we need to add data protection by selecting data/Protect Sheets and Ranges.

The copy this into the correct cells – Sheet1!C1:Z10000

Finally we need to create a share link and save this and the Google Sheet ID into the “Business List” Sheet. 

Create the Business Voucher Codes

To create the unique voucher codes for the business you will need to login to

Then go down to “Guest Claims” and click. After this CLick “Generate Code”. 

Next a pop up will appear where you need to add the Businesses 3 letter code and the quantity of vouchers. 
Please note that the quality of vouchers needs to be a total of Columns M & P in the Sales Voucher Sheet –

After you click Generate a notification will appear at the top of the page with a link to download the codes you have just create. 

Formating the Voucher Codes

For this section you will need “Templates-Codes” from the files folder:

The code that you generated in the last step should now be downloaded to your desktop. 

Open up the Template-Codes Excel File and then copy the codes that were just generated into column A. 

Next copy the businesses name into column B.

You should see that in Column C & D the date you have entered in row 2 has been automatically formatted. 

Please now drag the content in from columns B, C & D to the last row of Codes in Column A. 

Finally save the files as a CSV (Comma delimited) with the file name being the same as the business’s 3 letter code. 

You will also need to copy the vouchers codes to the clients Google Sheet. Please copy them under any codes that may already exist in Column C.