Create the Vouchers

Now that we have all the unique codes for the business and the CSV file ready to use we can now mail merge this data into the vouchers. 

First we will do the Digital PDF Vouchers… 

Open Vacation_Accommodation_Voucher_Digital.pdf


Once the file is open… click on plugins. 

Then Click on Mail Merge. 

Next you will need to edit the settings

Select the data source. This is the csv that you created in the other training with all the codes and business name.

File type is Comma separated text file (*.csv)

Next you need to link the CSV column titles with the fields in the PDF. 

You do this by first selecting the booking code field and then select add mapping. 

Then you select code space and click ok. 

Next select Business Name and then click add mapping. 

Then select Business Name Upper and then click ok. 

Click next until you get to the select output options tab shown in the next step. 

First you will want to select the location of where you would like to save the files. 

Next you are setting up the file naming. This will code [Code],  Nothing, and at the end it is space dash space [business name upper]

Then click next until you get back to the main screen.

Once you have finished editing the settings you can click OK.

Then Click Run Mail Merge to produce the unique PDF files.