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Marketing Maestro, John Dwyer, Explains How YOU Can Run This Client-Attraction Juggernaut For Your Specific Business.

Take just a few minutes to watch this “explanatory video” to see just how powerful this Free Holiday Promotion could be in helping you skyrocket revenue for your business!

John Dwyer is arguably the smartest marketing mind in Australia – & he has produced a “HOW-TO” video specifically for your business-type – so we can assure you IT’S WORTH WATCHING!

It’s A “Promotion-In-A-Box!”

Perfect If You’re Looking For A “Done-For-You” Customer Attraction & Retention Package!

We know that you’re probably too busy in your business to devote time to creating “killer advertising campaigns” to attract new customers or clients – there’s just not enough hours in the day.

So that’s WHY we’ve created a “one-stop-shop” package with this concept……….just about EVERYTHING has been DONE-FOR-YOU!

We were determined to make this promotion as easy as possible for busy business owners to launch & maintain.

So our “advertising resources” are extensive, covering both online & offline templates you can swipe & use INSTANTLY!

So you can simply “switch on the tap” of this powder-keg customer magnet whenever you like!

Here's Sample Of the Advertising Resources
You'll Have Access to

(These are simply a few sample ads – you have many images to choose from & you can access our Facebook ads expert!)



Pull Up Banners & Flags

Pull Up Banners & Flags

Pull Up Banners & Flags




Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Free Holidays are undoubtedly one of the most potent “customer incentives” any business could have.

Let’s face it, WE ALL want “more holidays” – & that’s why business owners have found this incentive to be rocket-fuel in terms of attracting new clients & MORE $$$$.

“Certainly the most incredible lead-generator & conversion tool I’ve ever seen.

The fact that the Greater Building Society’s Get A Home Loan & Get A Free Holiday promotion ran for 11 straight years is testimony to how dynamic the concept is.

And of course, such a high-value giveaway takes everyone’s eyes off the price – we didn’t advertise a price (interest rate) for 11 years – a world-first in the banking game!”

Don Magin
Former CEO Greater Building Society

“This concept is a complete game-changer.

I’ve been able to increase my prices for installing child seats in cars because the free holiday sets me apart from any of my competitors.

No more price-discounting…..indeed, the exact opposite!

The incentive is so crazy, I even have had some customers ask if I could return & re-fit the child safety seat again, so they could get another free holiday!”

Sam Mannah
Littles Child Restraints

“We’ve used the incentive as a marketing tool to increase our Invisalign invisible braces – which are normally $7,000 to $8,000.

And because we are in a very competitive industry, it has been an instant differential in terms of distinguishing our offer from any other orthodontist or dentist.

Yes, I know the term might be over-used, but it has been a game-changer.

Let’s face it – if someone was looking at Invisalign treatment & two or three orthodontists were much the same price, but ONE offered a free holiday to Bali, Fiji, Phuket or a number of other great places, of course THAT ONE is going to stand out big time!”

Sherah Reeves
Marketing Manager
Clear Smiles Orthodontics