Thank you for investing in this incredible FREE HOLIDAY incentive promotion.

Holidays are on everyone’s mind continually, so we are confident that you will certainly attract a lot of attention with this jaw-dropping BONUS OFFER!


Congratulations for deciding to invest in the Hybrid Version of the promotion.

You’re going to enjoy “the best of BOTH worlds!”

You will receive your “requested quantity” of Vacation Accommodation Vouchers within 1 business day.

You will also receive “Digital Versions” of the same Vouchers, so you have the flexibility of being able to email PDFs to your customers or provide them with “the Printed Version”.

You’ll also receive your “5,000 Vacation Certificates” which you distribute to customers throughout your promotion when they spend the required amount in the same transaction.

Should you need more Vacation Certificates at any time, simply order them online at


Each Vacation Certificate has a “unique code” – which your customers submit at your personalised URL webpage.

This personalised webpage URL will be printed on all your Vacation Certificates, but we’ll also email it to you within the next 72 hours, so keep an eye out for it, as it might be handy to have on record.

It’s A “Low Maintenance” Promotion:

Aside from handing out your Vacation Accommodation Vouchers to buyers of your “bigger priced items or services”, the only maintenance you have is distributing the Vacation Certificates with relevant “same transaction purchases” (normally one Vacation Certificate with every $50 spent in the same transaction).

We manage the rest for you – ie: online collection of “unique codes” from your Vacation Certificates, ongoing collection of your database & email/SMS notification to your customers when they reach the required quantity of Vacation Certificates to qualify for the Free Holiday.

Our aim is to make this promotion as “low maintenance” as possible for you.

Wow Factor Advertising Resources & Display Material:

We want to assist you in promoting this “incredible customer drawcard”, so please find suggested social media ads, a website panel for your website, a Landing Page template and artwork in the members area. Please check your emails for login access to this members area.

These are simply examples for you to be inspired by, as understandably, you may wish to promote your products or services a little differently.

Nonetheless, hopefully our resources will provide you with “thought starters”.

We also have created a relationship with a professional display company, Vivid Displays of Brisbane, which can provide Pull-Up Banners & Flags signage for you.

If such Display Material suits your products or services, simply order directly from Vivid Displays at

Thanks again for deciding to run this jaw-dropping promotion & all the best with it!