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Here's how you can start this incredible "Client Attraction" free holiday promotion with an initial payment of just $1,750

it's our "Part-Payment" option, where you pay 3 monthly instalments of $1,750


We appreciate that cashflow might be tight for you at this time, so we’ve created this “part-payment” option, so you can get underway with this jaw-dropping customer drawcard & pay in “monthly instalments” over 3 months.

This way, you get to launch the offer & start attracting new clients or customers straightaway – & enjoy the comfort of paying over 3 months.
Please understand that

3 x $1,750 per month =
a total payment of $5,250.

So your commitment is for the total $5,250 amount.


Below are the very fair & reasonable Conditions you’d agree to when choosing the “part-payment” instalment option.
  1. It’s acknowledged that The Institute Of Wow is providing my company with the agreed quantity of Holiday Accommodation Vouchers for a total price of $5,250. I will be receiving the total quantity of my Accommodation Vouchers upfront & my company is paying the amount of $5,250 over 3 equal monthly instalments of $1,750. Months 2 & 3 payments will be paid on the anniversary of the first month’s initial payment – meaning that if the initial $1,750 instalment was paid on the 16th of the month, subsequent months’ payments will be paid on the 16th.
  1. Each monthly payment will be through Credit Card, via automatic deduction.
  1. I understand that if my company fails to pay the second or third monthly installments, ALL of my Vacation Accommodation Vouchers will be cancelled immediately.

    This means that any Accommodation Vouchers already given to my customers or clients would be VOIDED in this circumstance, regardless of whether the customers or clients have actually already booked their hotel dates.

    I understand that The Institute Of Wow pays an international travel partner a License Fee & also has considerable set-up costs for each new client – & I appreciate that this Condition is in place to protect The Institute Of Wow from businesses failing to pay the relevant instalments in Months 2 & 3.

    My company has entered into this agreement in good faith & I appreciate the need to pay all 3 monthly instalments on the due dates, each being $1,750 – totaling to $5,250.